3D measurement

From 3D measurement through to production With our new 3D measuring system, we offer you a simpler, quicker and above all more precise system for 3D data acquisition. The mobility and flexibility gained as a result of our new measuring system in particular allows us and also our customers to make use of the broad range of services of visual measuring technology, without any need to compromise on technology, service or data quality. Thanks to the additional investment in a surface feedback programme, we can now offer you an integral package right from 3D measurement through to the creation of CAD data. Thanks to the close interaction between design and production on a single site, we can offer you an integral package for the production of parts you need, which will impress you because of our RENNER quality, short delivery times and attractive prices. Typical areas of application include: Target v. actual comparison of measurement data for CAD data records Tool and mould production Reconstruction Scan data for the generation of cutting paths (on triple-axis machines without a surface feedback programme) Scanning design models for CAD further processing, documentation Rapid manufacturing or acquisition of 3D data for rapid prototyping procedure Reverse Engineering

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  • Model: tw152236
  • Manufacturer: Renner