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Repair / maintenance of Krones (380440)

Repair and maintenance of Krones labelling machines As a system supplier, we are well placed to maintain your KRONES labelling machines – competently, reliably, globally. The goal of the experience that we have developed over decades is to achieve greater availability, performance and profitability of your machine. Our services (selection): Installation and commissioning of new bottle and labelling machines or accessory components (e.g. date stamping or container alignment) Simple and complex repair work: e.g. reconditioning/replacing bottle table Reconditioning or replacing adhesive units – on site or in our factory On-going maintenance and servicing Emergency service: fast response for help in the event of an urgent need for action Acceptance of spare parts: analysis of actual condition, plausibility check, list of measures to be taken for (re-)establishing the desired condition Specific training for operators Additional consultation: improved performance thanks to analysis of weak points, checking for expansion possibilities (e.g. RENNER upgrades for Krones), etc.

RENNER S Wet Adhesive (35190)

RENNER S Wet Adhesive: proven technology of the highest standard Whether the containers are glass, plastic or metal, round or specially formed, at RENNER you will always find the right wet adhesive labelling machine (cold adhesive). We specialise in containers with body and front labels, with back, neck ring, flip-top cap or security seal labels. Design features (selection): Base frame: warp resistant, height adjustable spherical cap feet, stainless steel casing Rotary design: precise container immobilisation, label transfer accurate to the millimetre Automatic oil lubrication: waterproof container tables and labelling units Centring bells with single-hand fasteners for quick change-over Adhesive units with hard-wearing steel adhesive rollers and rubber pallets Pneumatic adhesive pumps with heating: constant adhesive temperature Optional accessory components (selection): Container alignment: mechanical, photoelectric or visual (camera system) Bottle pad with servo motors: hard-wearing, highly accurate alignment Clamping stars for processing containers with varying diameter sizes Height adjustable adhesive units for faster adjustment Device for disengaging units that are not required Automatic hopper feed (AMB) Central lubrication system Machines and units for applying L-shaped and U-shaped tax strips Label monitoring: label, position, quality, best before date, etc. Trolley for fittings: better overview, fewer mistakes, shorter set-up times

RENNER S PSL: self-adhesive labelling (74144)

RENNER S PSL: accurate self-adhesive labelling – non-stop! Durable, waterproof and non-slip self-adhesive labels: Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) are ideally suited to high quality and consistent product features. RENNER combines the innovative PSL technology label range with the highest printing quality. Design features (selection): Container table: either with cam control or servo control for flexibility to meet demands Self-contained dispenser unit with servo drive: wear-free, accurate and flexible Modular design: several dispenser units can be combined 4 (or optionally 5) axle adjustment: simple and accurate label positioning Reference display for each axle: position settings can be saved and reproduced Intelligent label guide and clamping system: all the way up to the label transfer Easy to operate: automatic setting of PSL dispensers once the label length and bottle diameter have been entered on the touch panel Optional accessory components (selection): Auto-splicer and tandem arrangement: automatic roll change-over (non-stop operation) Automatic carrier band disposal: suction in double-layered bag version Container alignment: mechanical, photoelectric or visual Clamping stars for processing containers with varying diameter sizes Label monitoring: label, position, quality, best before date, etc.

RENNER engineering and consulting (14.50)

RENNER engineering and consulting In addition to the customised planning, construction and manufacture of new machines, our range of engineering and consulting services also include the reconditioning, modernisation and expansion existing machines, for example by carrying out efficient and energy-related updates. But first of all, we start with our well-proven weak point analysis. System integration: new solution, perfectly integrated Another RENNER speciality: integrating labelling solutions into an existing or new line – if desired, this can even include bottle transportation control by our machine. Perfect work in all service areas: if required, we will also integrate additional features such as date stamping, label inspection or container alignment. Marketing support: processing new labels in the best possible way Are you planning a complete product launch or a relaunch with foil labels or the “no-label look”? Our specialists will work together with you or your marketing team to develop new label designs that can be processed in the best possible way. To do this, we will exploit the full potential of your machine and help you to achieve a new freedom of design. The highlights at a glance: Customised solutions: customised according to the technical requirements as well as the cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency of the machine Optimised integration into existing machines and new filling lines Label development: outstanding design and processing, maximum performance Experienced development team: the perfect solution – practical and creative Quick and easy: consultation on site, development using the latest CAD systems

RENNER AutoSplicer (117148)

The RENNER AutoSplicer is an independent module which you can dock to existing labelling machines at a later stage as you need it, and above all very easily. Thanks to a digital signal exchange, the AutoSplicer communicates smoothly with the superordinated labelling machine (optional BUS system available on request). As the AutoSplicer works with any format, you as a customer will no longer be faced by any time-consuming and expensive conversions. Only the locking bolt for the label reel pick-up needs to be adjusted to the label height. This procedure can be carried out on the supply reel during ongoing production, so the idle time remains minimal for a change in production. It is only necessary to change the locking bolt when changing the carrier tape height. In addition, you can load the splicer during ongoing operation, meaning you can save time and money once again. The machine operator's only tasks are to change the label reels as required, and to prepare the adhesive process between the application reel and the supply reel. The main feature of the RENNER AutoSplicer is the reliable adhesion of the reel start to the reel end. Due to the extremely short splicing procedure (< 1 second) and the use of the so-called speed ramps for the tape buffer, the stability of the tape run and so the labelling itself are increased significantly. In order to be able to offer you an integral package, as usual with Renner, you have the opportunity to buy a closed Renner system with the splicer, too. When you buy a unit including a waste disposal system (suction or winding), you have a RENNER package in the desired top quality.

RENNER Labelmatic 3 (374002)

RENNER Labelmatic 3: effective crate labelling Brand differentiation in times of increasing diversity among providers and ranges: with RENNER Labelmatic 3, the compact and efficient system for single-use crate labelling, you can generate additional advertising space for your product presentation, both at the point of sale and beyond. Technical Highlights: Patented press and clamping unit: perfect appearance without wrinkling Extremely compact labelling and label removal units: easy to integrate into the dry area of the filling system; processes individual crates or edge to edge crates Removal module: labels are removed in a dry state, suction collects and compresses the labels for disposal; adhesive residues remain on the label Unaltered high level of efficiency: fully synchronised to the conveyor speed, up to 4,000 crates per hour, label supply: > 1 hour at maximum power Agile and precise servo drives: consistent processing quality, wear-free

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